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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

99 Island / Pick Hill access area

On December 2nd, we placed our 15th "physical" cache. GC17R0H was placed near the Pick Hill access area along the Broad River here in Cherokee County. As of this post, 6 of our friends have logged this cache. The last group of cachers were fortunate enough to get to see nature at its finest.
While on this river, they watched a flock of wild turkeys fly overhead, paddled up river and witnessed a herd of deer making their way, and while taking their kayaks out of the water, were given the rare opportunity to see not one, but TWO bald eagles soaring overhead.
Lisa and I have often discussed the opportunity Cherokee County is missing in not developing a Greenway here, similar to what is on the Broad River in Boiling Springs N.C. But after getting emails from some of this group, and our own experience on the river, I think the opportunity Cherokee County is neglecting, is working out just fine for the wildlife.

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